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  • Cells In Preservative

    Total RNA, from cells or tissues preserved in RNAlater™ or frozen on dry ice, will be purified using mirVana™ technology and quality checked on an Agilent Bioanalyzer™.

  • Total RNA

    Total RNA will be further purified by Poly(A) capture prior to cDNA synthesis.

  • cDNA

    Using Illumina’s TruSeq kits cDNA will be synthesized fragmented to a size suitable for library construction.

  • Library Constructed

    Using Illumina™ or Applied Biosystems next Gen technology, paired end or multiplexed libraries are synthesized and amplified for loading onto the appropriate platform.

  • Sequencing

    Using Illumina™ or Applied Biosystems™ reagents and instrument your samples are sequenced to a level set by you.

  • Data Analysis

    Using our analysis pipeline raw data is analyzed for quality and tag bases called. The tags are mapped to a supported genome and made available for secure download or placed on your hard drive.

  • Genome Browser

    For quick viewing your NextGen data is loaded on a password protected mirror of the UCSC genome browser and available for viewing within hours.