DNA Sequencing:

Exome / Targeted Capture

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  • DNA Sample

    Send us your purified DNA or we will purify DNA from cells provided by you or a commercially available source that can be cultured using standard methods.

  • Library Constructed

    Using Agilent adapters and reagents we construct a Next-Gen Library optimized for target enrichment with the Sure Select platform.

  • Exome Capture

    The Whole Genome Library is target enriched using the Agilent SureSelectâ„¢ Exome specified by you.

  • Sequencing

    Exome enriched DNA is amplified and sequenced onto a NextGen Sequencer to the read length and tag number specified by you.

  • Data Analysis

    Using an established data analysis pipeline, Sequencer data is analyzed for quality, base called, mapped to a supported genome and made available for download or loaded onto your hard drive.

  • Genome Browser

    For quick viewing your NextGen data is loaded on a password protected mirror of the UCSC genome browser and available for viewing within hours.