DNA Sequencing:

Whole Genome

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  • Purified High MW DNA

    Send us purified DNA or we can purify it from commercially available cells for you. Purified DNA is sheared to an average of 200 bp by sonication.

  • Library Constructed

    DNA fragments are repaired, adaptered and amplified using Illumina’s Tru-Seq™ library kit or Applied Biosystems™ reagents using established methods.

  • Sequencing

    Using Illumina™ or Applied Biosystems™ reagents and instruments your samples are sequenced to a base pair and tag level specified by you.

  • Data Analysis

    Using an established data analysis pipeline, Sequencer data is analyzed for quality, base called, mapped to a supported genome and made available for download or loaded onto your hard drive.

  • Genome Browser

    For quick viewing your NextGen data may be loaded on a password protected mirror of the UCSC genome browser and available for viewing within hours of being sequenced.