DNA Methylation:

Whole Methylome

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  • Purified High MW DNA

    Provide purified DNA or we will purify DNA from cells provided by you or a commercially available source that can be cultured using established methods.

  • Library Constructed

    Using Illumina’s 5-methy-C protected adapters, fragmented DNA libraries are constructed using Illumina’s Tru-Seq Kits.

  • Bisulfite Treated DNA

    The 5-methyl-C adapter libraries are converted using EZ DNA Methylation-Gold™. Converted libraries are amplified, size fractionated and purified.

  • Sequencing

    Using Illumina™ reagents libraries are sequenced to a level determined by you. We offer both single and paired end sequencing for this service.

  • Data Analysis

    Sequence tags are mapped to both the CpG methyl-C converted and non-converted versions of a supported genome. Methyl calls are made and provided through secure download or placed on your hard drive.

  • Genome Browser

    For quick viewing your NextGen data is loaded on a password protected mirror of the UCSC genome browser. Your data is made available for viewing within hours.