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  • CrossLinked Chromatin

    Provide us with cross linked cells or tissues or we can formaldehyde cross link cultured cells using our ChIP validated protocol.

  • ChIPped Sample

    Cross linked Chromatin is fragmented by sonication. The soluble fraction is used for antibody capture of targets of interest and cleaned for library construction.

  • Library Constructed

    Purified ChIP DNA is adaptered using Illumina’s Tru-Seq™ kits, amplified and purified for sequencing on our Illumina Next Gen Sequencers.

  • Sequencing

    Using Illumina™ or Applied Biosystems™ reagents and instruments your samples are sequenced to a base pair and tag level specified by you.

  • Data Analysis

    Using our analysis pipeline data is analyzed for quality, bases called, and tags mapped to a supported genome. Your data is made available for secure download in your specified format.

  • Genome Browser

    For quick viewing your Next-Gen data is loaded on a password protected mirror of the UCSC genome browser with your data available for viewing within hours.