What are your preferred methods of purification?

We do not have any special preference for purification kit. Conventional column-type purification is good as well as the ExoSAP-IT® from Affymetrix/USB.

I haven't received the arrival notice yet. What happened?

The arrival email is sent out the day we receive your samples. Please contact us if you believe your samples should have already arrived, there may have been a problem with shipment. You can also login to your account to check your order status.

What is the average read length?

We read approximately 700-800bp per reaction.

What kind of machines are you using?

We use ABI3730XL’s

Do you provide the primer(s)?

We provide universal primers, one per 96-well plate.

How much is it to run the samples with unsatisfactory results again?

Plates must pass our QC, if not they are re run before we send you the data. Please contact us with any questions.

It seems that only a partial number of samples were processed. What about the other ones?

We assign all the samples in 384-well plates and proceed with our machines, and in some cases, your samples can be divided in two different plates. If this happens, you will be receiving the results in two different batches. Also, if you've requested samples for PCR purification along with samples for ready-to-sequence, they can be divided and sent separately. We will be giving all the results in the end, and if you don't receive the other part of the results within one week, please contact us immediately.

How long are my samples kept in freezer?

We keep them for one month, and on special request we can extend this.

Should I send the primers along with the template DNA?

The primers should be sent in separate tubes or plates, and not combined with the template DNA.

Can we get back the samples we sent?

We are sorry. We do not send the samples back to the customer generally. But on special occasion, we are willing to do so with the shipping payment paid by recipient party.