How do I place an order?

You can use our online ordering system.

Do I need to use the GeneSifter online system every time?

Yes, our online system is made for ease and accuracy of processing your order, submission, tracking, and data release.

What kind of computer system is required for on-line system?

The system is designed to be compatible with all of the systems including PC, Mac, and many other conventional operating systems.

How should we ship our sample plates?

Please ship all plates on dry ice or if this is unavailable seal plates with strip caps or heat seals. Also ship priority overnight.

FedEx is not available in my location. How can I send the samples?

You can use DHL, UPS, or a courier service if in the Seattle area.

Where should we ship the samples?

Our shipping address is:

High-Throughput Genomics Center
WTC East, Suite 600
2211 Elliott Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

What if I have problems uploading the sample sheet?

The sample sheet should only contain alpha-numeric characters and underscores in the sample names, no spaces, commas, or parenthesis.

Is GeneSifter the same as FinchLab?

No. FinchLab has been upgraded to GeneSifter to add our NextGen instrumentation and additional whole genome services.

How many plates can I have on an order?

As long as the samples are of the same type you can upload multiple sample sheets (plates) per order.