How long does it take to get my results back?

Within 3-5 business days for capillary sequencing, and 14-21 days for NextGen sequencing (may vary according to type of sequencing and project size). You will receive notification via email that your results are ready for download.

I cannot open AB1 files.

Our AB1 files can be opened by conventional software such as Finch TV, Vector NTI, Sequencher and many other applications. For the customers without software, fasta files are also provided.

How long are the results stored on FinchLab?

Data deletion and archiving are the customer’s responsibility.

I cannot unzip the tar file.

You can find a free program at to uncompress these files.

I haven't received my results yet.

Please allow 3-5 business days for most capillary sequencing orders and 14-21 days for most next-gen sequencing orders. You can check your order status any time. Please feel free to contact us at for any updates.

When will my sequence data be available?

Data is posted to Geospiza GeneSifter© as soon as it passes QC. You will receive confirmation that your results are ready for download via email. Turnaround times vary by the size and type of sequencing projects.

How Long is my Next Gen data made available for download?

Your next gen data is stored on our server for 90 days after being posted. You should download and save your data at your site within that 90 days.

My data is no longer available on your server. Can I still access it?

We archive your Next Gen data on tape. There is a service fee to unarchive and make your data available for download.

Is my data kept secure and confidential?

Our privacy policy is simple and strict:

  • All customer information is kept strictly confidential and is never shared with any third party.

  • All sequence information is strictly confidential and is available only to the customer. htSEQ staff may access data only during the process of data generation, or to address questions by the customer.

How are the data files I received generated? How do I interpret them?

We have created a customer readme available on this site and also in the README portion of your download directory.